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Welcome to the official FeralHeart Unleashed Wiki!
The official source of FeralHeart Unleashed documentation!
The wiki team is currently maintaining 48 pages!

About FeralHeart Unleashed

FeralHeart Unleashed is a free-to-play roleplaying MMO game where you can explore a vast online universe as several types of animal species! Express your endless creativity with creating your own stories and worlds, make new friends in a welcoming community, and show off your true colors!

FeralHeart Unleashed (FHU) is a remake of KovuLKD's 2011 game, FeralHeart. FeralHeart Unleashed uses the original source code, and introduces many new features, such as modernized models, revamped maps and more!
Getting Started
Character Creation
Character Creation
Character Selection Screen
Character Creator
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In Game
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Map Guide to be added
Non Player Characters to be added
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Content Creation

Staff and Community Safety
Staff Positions
Staff Policies
Disciplinary Action Protocols
Community to be added
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Gameplay Support to be added
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Community Support
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