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🦁 Welcome to the FeralHeart Unleashed Wiki! 🐺

Welcome to the FeralHeart Unleashed Wiki, a help wiki filled with all of what you'll need to know when joining and playing this game! This wiki will be updated as changes and updates come to the games features and systems, and if we've missed anything upon the creation of this wiki.

🐈 Table of Categories

🐾 Getting Started - Learn the Basics!

You should start here! This goes over all of the basics of joining, logging into the game, and how to play!

🐾 Character Creation - Make the Character of your Dreams!

Learn the layout and how our character creation system works! With so many more options, you can make many different kinds of characters!

🐾 Staff and Community Safety - Learn all about How the Staff keeps the Community Safe!

We are dedicated to being transparent with the community about how we handle things. You can see a lot of what we do here!

🐾 Preset Creation - Make your own Design!

Learn how to make your own custom presets here, with tutorials even covering direct painting on the models!

🐾 Map Creation - Make your own Worlds!

You can make many different kinds of worlds you want with our Map Maker, but there can be a bit of a learning curve! Learn more about how to use our Map Maker, and make the necessary materials for it!

🐾 Converting Objects - Get your own Object Selection!

The game provides you with plenty of objects, but you can convert your own! So long as they are royalty free and not copyrighted, as well as being lowpoly enough to run well, you can convert any object you want!

🐾 Downloading Modifications - Download Modifications from Other Users!

Our modifications system is in the works for the moment, so some things aren't covered! However, for what you can download at the moment, you can learn how!