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πŸ“ The Character Selection Screen of Unleashed

The character selection screen enables the player to cycle through the customized characters they have already created via the arrows to the left and right, with the model displayed in the center. With the desired character selected, the player may choose the β€œstart” button to enter the last position they were in while logging off from their previous play session, or begin at the starter map in the case of making a new character.

🎨 Create Button

To create a character, players must click on the "create" button which is located on the lower right side of the selection screen just underneath the right arrow. The player will need to create a character in order to have the β€œstart” option to enter the game.

✏️ Editing Characters

The edit button is displayed below the start button in the character selection screen on any available model the player has. This will bring the player into the character creation screen with the chosen character they have decided needs to be altered, where they may modify sliders, markings, and colors as previously while creating the character for the first time.

βœ… Restoring Characters after Crashing

In the case of an error where the game is to crash during their character creation, the player will be prompted with a popup that indicates a recoverable or failed character has been detected. Choosing the β€œOK” option will restore that character in the creator of its previous state where the player can continue creation.

πŸ† Achievements

The achievements button is displayed in the upper right corner of the character selection screen. Clicking this will take the player to the achievements screen where they will be able to scroll through a list of unlockable commendations. Achievements can be unlocked through doing specific actions in-game, like exploring maps or performing emotes, or even participating in easter eggs or references.