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๐Ÿ“ Creating Your Own Character

The biggest part of Unleashed is the amount of diversity in creativity that exists in the player-base, and how the game offers limitless fun in creation, whether it be using the materials and customization options the game assets give, or whether the players choose to create something themselves.

๐ŸŽจ Creator Screen

- After pressing the "create" button on the selection screen, players will be brought into the creator screen where they will be offered up many different means of customization for characters, via separate tabs that organize options by body part. The first objectives presented to the player are displayed on the upper left screen.

  • Name - Insert a name for your character (required to save)
  • Species - A list of the available in-game species to choose from
  • Version - Modern (new) and classic (previous) models

  • Save Button

- The save button is the very last step to creating your character. By pressing save, the newly created character will now be in the selection screen where the player can choose them to play, or cycle through the other characters they may have previously saved. The player may also save an unfinished character and return to it later.

  • Back/Cancel Button

- The cancel button displayed on the left-most side of the screen can be used to return to the main character screen. Be careful! Any unsaved changes will be lost!

  • Sliders

- The slider options provided on a variety of pages in the creation screens allow the player to alter the modelโ€™s anatomy as they please. Certain slider settings may be essential for creating the look of a similar species, such as hyenas and saber tooth tigers. Some features however may not be available to alter on other species, such as the โ€œmuzzle tiltโ€ option being available for feline models exclusively.

  • Markings

- The markings tab is where the real magic happens. In this tab, the player is able to select from a wide variety of markings to decorate their characters and make them unique. Each body part (head, body, and tail) is limited to 3 markings each, but can be organized in any order to achieve alternate patterns, and as well can all be colored separately for different effects.

โœ๏ธ Customization Tabs

The customization tabs are located vertically along the right side of the screen, and follow in order as such:

  • Manes and Tufts - Optional manes and fur tufts
  • Head sliders - Change the head and facial features sizes, textures, and masks.
  • Ears - Extra ear shapes
  • Body sliders - Change body weight, length, size, and fur
  • Tails - Extra tail options and masks
  • Markings - Markings that can be applied to the character
  • Colors - Change the colors for the pelt, underfur, facial features, and markings

๐Ÿ–๏ธ Coloring

Color Sliders

  • The color tab provides the player with 3 sliders that are in the form of RGB(red, green, blue). By scrolling with these sliders, a wide variety of colors can be achieved with minimal effort.

HTML Color Codes

  • Aside from using the sliders to choose colors, the player will be able to use color specific HTML codes. These are to be typed or pasted in a field underneath the color sliders in the โ€œColoursโ€ tab, which can be any color the player desires.
  • This is useful for getting the exact hue of a custom color without the hassle of going back and forth with the sliders. Some examples of color codes are #HG843U, #84RJDS, and #4JDFSN to name a few.
  • This process is lightened as well by the โ€œcopy/pasteโ€ options next to the code field, which enable the player to copy the color on the selected location, and paste it to another.

๐Ÿ”€ Randomizer Button

- The randomize option in the character creation screen is a new feature introduced to Unleashed. This button allows the player to create a random character as many times they want. In the case that the player is satisfied with the way a certain option looks, but not another, they will be able to lock that specific trait and continue randomizing their character until they get a combination they enjoy, and the selected options will remain the same. The character is not limited to the randomization once pressed however, and can be altered using the slider options, markings, and colors as needed.

๐ŸŽฎ Test Mode and Controls

- The test mode, accessible through the character editing/creator and preset creation screens, is an option where the player is imported into an empty pre-made map and will be able to view and control the character they are making as if it were in the main game. This tool is helpful for allowing the player to see their characterโ€™s customizations from different angles, or allowing them to view areas of the model that are less visible in the creator.

Key Action
F1 First person POV
F2 Second person POV
F3 Third person/Free cam
Left ALT Freeze head position
- (minus key) Slow free cam speed
+ (plus key) Speed up free cam speed
PRTSC Default screenshot key
Click and drag mouse wheel How close camera is to character
Hold left click Move camera in any POV
Z or Shift + Z Sit, lay, side lay, roll over
X Resume previous position or stand