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🖥️ User Interface -

💻 Main Menu -

🏕️ In Game -

Chat Toggle - Chat bubble

  • Click to toggle chat on or off

Map Toggle - Star Icon

  • Changes the opacity of the map displayed in the top right of the screen

Full Opacity VISUAL
Low Opacity VISUAL

My Info - Feather Icon

  • Info - Displays character name, username, Guild, and Group
  • Bio - A large text box where players can write your character's personal information
  • Home - Shows where the player's character's home location is set, and enables them to change, reset, or teleport to that location. Pressing "set home" wherever the player is standing will make that their new home location.

Actions and Emotes - Lion Roaring Icon

  • Actions - Physical actions your character can perform
  • Emotes - Many facial expressions a character can be equipped with. These can be assigned hotkeys, and will change back to the default emote if the player leaves the map or logs off.
  • Custom - A tab where the player can apply custom facial looks with others to get a more defined expression

Friend List - Two Paw Icon

  • Friends - Where friends are displayed and organized based on whether or not players are online or offline. Includes a text field where players can insert a username to add a new friend. Adding a friend can also be done through another player's profile card.
  • Requests - Incoming friend requests
  • Block - A list of players you have previously blocked, and includes a text field where the player can insert usernames of players they wish to block

Party Chat - Double chat bubble icon

  • My Party - Displays the members in the same party as you
  • Activities - Coming soon!
  • Requests - Incoming party requests

Guild - Shield Icon

  • Main - Displays the guild icon and biography, as well as the option to leave the guild or invite members to join you
  • Members - Shows all members in the guild and their online or offline status

My Group - Triple paw icon

  • Members - Displays all the members of a group, and their online or offline status to members of the same group
  • Actions - Allows group leaders to view or edit the group info, rename the group, or leave. Group members are given the options to leave or view the group bio
  • Search - Provides a text box where players can search for other groups to join, or see if a name is taken

Movie Maker - Movie/film board

  • Movie - Allows a player to determine what text will show up in the movie clip once published, set a duration for the total length of the clip, and at what point during that clip the text will appear. By pressing the "test" button, players can preview what the movie will look like before clicking "publish" which will let other players across the map to view the same clip.
  • Actions - What action the character will be doing during the movie clip. Multiple actions can be added and have set durations that will allow them to be shown at different times within the clip.
  • Emotes - An emote the character will be displaying during the movie clip. Like emotes, multiple can be chosen with different timeframes to be active