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đŸ’Ŧ General Contact and Pinging Information -

Each staff position has their own tasks with which their role handles, and while some may be able to be contacted for something that another might not, we do have a policy on contacting staff members directly or pinging them in the Discord server.

📨 Direct Messaging (Discord) -

While we are quite open with the community, we have systems we would prefer keeping in place without going through private messaging for many topics, moderation related or not. This is for the safety of the team, and a preference to keeping things to public chats, or tickets if needed to be more private. It helps us make collaborative decisions on matters by viewing reports through tickets,

The Moderation and especially Development team members aren't to be sent DMs or friend requests through Discord with the following intent or without asking prior.
For the safety of our team, reports and ticket information aren't allowed to be done through DMs, but through the website for in game matters, and the ticket system in both of our Discord servers for server issues. Moderation issues aren't to be brought up with developers either, as they don't handle any moderation on either platform.

General questioning regarding game, server or site help are to be done in the available help channels instead of directly through a staff member or ticket unless it regards personal information for your account, which would be handled privately in a ticket and not in a public setting - but not through DMs with the staff member either. These topics are also to be kept away from developers DMs, and pings unless clearly stated otherwise for public channels.

📧 Pinging Staff Members -

Contacting and pinging administrators as stated in their section below should be a last resort unless it revolves around private user information or staff issues - while we understand being a bit skeptical about the rest of the teams potential answers, the moderators are completely willing to help and respond to concerns just as the admins would.

If there is a current situation going on in the game or server and a moderator isn't present, make sure to ping the appropriate staff role (in game or server moderator, not administrator) and only do it once. A moderator will help as soon as possible!

🛡ī¸ Staff Positions -

⚔ī¸ Administrators -

Administrators focus on the big picture with multiple different aspects of management, which can be game development, moderation or community management. An admin focusing on moderation oversees the entire moderation team, helping with major cases and giving direction when needed.

An admin focusing on game development oversees the entire development team, helping with the many different aspects of developing content for the game.

CONTACT: Apart from reports on members of staff, situations that the other mods can't handle, and manually changing user information if there is no other way to fix this issue, admins aren't to be contacted or pinged unless directly asked to by the admin. General questioning, troubleshooting that doesn't need manual intervention by admins, game help or other response needs that can be done by moderators can be handled by the rest of the moderation team!

đŸĩī¸ Global Moderators -

The main focus of Global Moderators is both the game and Discord server management. Their position is equal to those of In Game Moderators and Server Moderators, however they help with both platforms.They will help with tickets and reports

🎮 Game Moderators -

🕹ī¸ Game Moderators in Training -

đŸŒŋ Server Moderators

🌱 Server Moderators in Training -