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📢 Reports and Support Tickets -

FeralHeart Unleashed has a different system revolving around seeking support for technical or game help and reporting users who may be violating a rule or need to be reported in game. Aside from Discord based reports being hosted through our server's ticket system, in game reports and support tickets are hosted through our site to keep them all in one place, and separate from the Discord platform.

🎟️ Support Tickets -

Through our website, you are able to open a support ticket with FHU staff for help with your game, account, game bugs and other needs.

❔ Making a Support Ticket

Making a support ticket is pretty simple!

  • To navigate to the ticket page, you'll need to log into your account on our website. If you don't know how to do that, visit Registration and Signing In.
  • When you hover over your username in the top right corner of the site page, you'll be able to see Tickets under the Characters option.


  • Select the Tickets option.

📌 Some options in the provided visuals may not be available to you - the visuals were provided by a moderator, who has more options in regards to ticket moderation.

You are now on the Tickets page. It should look something like this visual.


Most of the page at this point isn't that important for you. The middle of the page is where your ticket will be visible, the left panel is for tickets that are opened or closed, and the right panel is for ticket details.

To make a ticket, you'll need to select new ticket in the top right corner.


It'll show you a text select cursor, but you'll be able to click it like a button to bring you to the new ticket page.


You are given three fields to fill out and a submit button.

Subject: This is where you put what you need help with in a short title. For example, Redist. 3D9 Error., or Game Crashes after credits screen.
Category: Select the category of what you need help with. The categories are:

  • Technical Questions - This covers technical questions about the game, such as different functions like the camera, the files, etc.
  • Patreon Help - This category is only for Patreon help topics.
  • Account Help - This is for if you're having any issues with your account.
  • Installation Help - Problems with or questions about installing FHU.
  • Launcher Help - Problems with or questions about the launcher.
  • Bugs - This category is for notifying us about bugs or issues with bugs in the game.
  • Other - If your question or issue isn't covered by these categories, you can use Other and explain more with your Subject line and ticket info.

Message: Enter in the information of your issue or what you need support with. Please put in as much information as possible, it'll make it a lot easier to help you! Note that also with this field, you can make the field bigger by clicking the lined bottom right corner and drag it to be as big as you'd like!
When you're finished with your ticket, simply click submit!

Any ticket that is submitted is completely private between the ticket creator and the admins, global and game moderators. Server moderators do not have access to these tickets like they do with the Discord ones.

As well as it being private, the staff responding to your ticket is labelled anonymously as FeralHeart Unleashed Staff.
This is for the safety of the staff team!

The ticket and reports system does not have a notification system at the moment, so you need to check in on your ticket before 2 days, otherwise your ticket will be closed.

⚠️ In Game Reports -

You can technically make a report two different ways - through the player info window in game, or through the reports page on the website. Reporting through the game is more convenient with real-time reporting, but it's worth noting that it's tricky to get the chat logs right.

🎮 Reporting In Game

Before starting this, make sure you know how to get to the player info screen with User Interface.

It's important to report anyone who's breaking a rule or causing discomfort. The staff are here to help make the community a safe place to be, and now with more than one server to watch, we can't catch everything! That also means that it's important to report with as much information as possible, and the correct information at that. We can't really take action on a case if a chat log or screenshot doesn't show what happened, but we can still keep an eye on a user with the notice anyway.

It's also important to keep in mind that the staff may not be able to get to your report immediately to respond or take care of the issue, so it's best to be patient! We do have busy lives and won't always be in game.
In game issues are also only to be kept to site reports as the server reports channel in our Discord is only meant for Discord server issues that need to be reported.

🩹 Different Cases, Different Actions -

While we encourage reporting anything that breaks our rules, there are some things we can't do much about that would be more suited for blocking.

📨 When to Report -

📪 When to Block -

🛎️ Taking Action in a Situation, Do's and Don't's -

✔️ What to Do -

It's important to note that some situations will have differences than this list, like finding out someone is underage. Here's what you should do when someone's breaking a rule or causing discomfort:

  • DO report as soon as possible -
    While it may be important to see how the conversation continues after the initial issue, it makes it a lot easier for you and us when including the chat log. It won't always guarantee that staff get to it on time, but it will ensure that the log will have the reported issue in it. Though it is also important to have previous messages as well if it provides context.

  • DO have your chats set to Character and Username visible -
    Having both visible will make it a lot easier on us to figure out who you're reporting in a chat log! This doesn't change past messages though, only future ones. It's alright if you don't have this set as long as you let us know which character belongs to the person you're reporting, preferably with a picture of their profile as well.

  • DO utilize your right to block -
    If someone's making you uncomfortable, you are 100% completely reasonable and free to block them. With a report, staff will be taking care of the situation accordingly, and you won't need to worry about reading their messages while you wait.

  • DO remember that you can step away if things get heated or uncomfortable -
    Don't sacrifice your comfort to read messages you don't want to. If you are in a tough spot, try to ask someone around you to report the situation and take a step back, breathe, drink some water and relax.

❌ What NOT to Do -

Here's what NOT to do when someone's breaking a rule or causing discomfort:

  • DO NOT harass or engage with the person causing the issue -
    Not only will this escalate the issue, but you can also get in trouble as well if you're being hostile. With some situations, you may get upset, which is understandable, but it's important to not react and escalate the situation. It's best to report it, step away and/or carry on a different situation by switching topics. It also just keeps you safe from any more backlash that can come from harassing or engaging with this person.

  • In tandem, DO NOT egg this person on or encourage a rule-breaking response to justify a report or reason to attack the person -
    You will get in trouble for doing this as this also breaks our rules, as well as make the situation much worse than it needs to be. It may also end up changing the outcome of the situation if their answers were egged into being a certain way.

  • DO NOT try to start a witch-hunt on the person -
    We do NOT condone or allow witch-hunting or drama mongering on a person or with a certain situation. Do NOT spread the situation into other servers or chats, let the staff team handle it, please. You will for sure get in trouble yourself if you do this.

  • DO NOT submit a report with no information -
    We can't really do anything about a situation if there's no information to go off of - please make sure to have the incident in the chat logs and explain as much information and context you have on the situation as possible!

💬 How Chat Logs Work -

The most important part of a report is the chat log. We can't really do much without one, considering it's a chat related issue. Though, obtaining the most helpful chat log isn't as easy as just clicking the checkmark, as the command logs it from what's currently visible in chat, and not the entire chat for your session.

How to Report in Game -

Now how to report in game!

When needing to report somebody, the Report button is found in the users profile.


Clicking this button will bring up a Report window.


Breaking down the layout of this window - the field above is the not editable Username field where who you're reporting's username will be.
To the side is a list of report reasons, and to the right of that is the text field where you can put in more details about the incident.

Which yes you can type in! Please do type in more information into this field before submitting your report.


The more detail we have, the better we can handle a situation! We can't do much of anything if we don't have any extra details, especially if the chat log doesn't show us the exact issue at hand. This is especially important with reports under the Other category, as there's nothing else to go off of!

🎫 Discord Ticket Channels -