Making your Height Map

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📋 Specifications -

When making your height map, there is a list of requirements for it to work in the Map Maker. Your height map MUST have all these specifications correct, otherwise you can have issues with putting it into your map.

↪ Canvas color space MUST be set to Grayscale when first making the canvas -

The game only reads grayscale in terms of height maps, and showing the height and depth. When you draw in your canvas, there shouldn't be any other color than the shades between complete black and total white.

↪ Canvas MUST be 513 x 513 by default -

The default size for your canvas is 513 x 513 - and for it to increase, it can't be any size. Bigger sized canvases need to be specific following a formula. You can read more about this in Canvas Scaling, including more canvas scales able to be used!

↪ There MUST be only one layer upon exporting -

The height map must be a flat image when exporting! The game doesn't read it well when it's exported with more than one layer.

↪ There MUST be no alpha layers upon exporting -

There shouldn't be any alpha layers in your height map. You can usually tell if it has one if you right click the layer, and click Remove Alpha Channel if it has one! This is something that mostly happens with GIMP and/or Photoshop.

↪ File MUST be exported as a .png -

The game won't take any other file type than .png!

🖱️ Programs you Can Use -

There are a few different programs you can use to make your height map! You can't use every art program, but there are a few select ones. This help page covers CSP and GIMP at the moment.

✔️ Clip Studio Paint


✔️ Photoshop

❌ Paint Tool Sai (1 & 2)

❌ FireAlpaca

❌ Krita

❌ Procreate

📏 Canvas Scaling -

The game is very particular about the scaling of your canvas - even the smallest difference can cause an issue.

📋 Canvas Sizes -

Though, there are a lot of options for canvas sizes for you to use! There may be a limit for how big, but that hasn't been found yet.

The default canvas size is 513 x 513.
Some other perfectly functional sizes to set your canvas to are: 1025 x 1025, 2049 x 2049, 4097 x 4097 and 8193 x 8193.
It is possible to go past this point, but it's unknown if the game will run it well!

🔢 The Formula -

To get past that point, you'll need a really simple formula to follow!

The formula is 2(n) + 1.
The n is the important part of this formula. Just put in a number you'd like to go off of! You could start with the default 512 (which is before you + 1), or from the highest point provided before but below one, like 8192!

⛰️ Making your Height Map -

You know what the specifications need to be, and what programs you can use, so now it's time to make your Height Map! Each section that has any differences with each program will have them separate, though Photoshop will be mainly untouched for now.

🖼️ Setting Up the Canvas -

The first step you're going to want to do when making your map is setting up your canvas, and it's different for every program in terms of layout!

🐾 GIMP -

This is using GIMP 2.10!

To make a new canvas, click on File in the very top left of your screen, and click New... in the dropdown.


This will prompt a popup to appear!


Within the window in the above visual,

🎨 Clip Studio Paint -

This is using Clip Studio Paint EX Version 1.10.6!

📸 Photoshop -

🌄 Shade Levels for Height and Depth -

🖌️ Useful Program Tools - GIMP -

⚒️ Avoiding Rigid Edges -

⚙️ Exporting with Different Programs -

🎨 Clip Studio Paint -

🐾 GIMP -

📸 Photoshop -

📹 Visual Aids -