In Game Chat Types

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💬 In Game Chat Types -

🌹 MOD Chat -

- The MOD chat is similar in terms of the General Chat, meaning that players can see this message from all across the map. This chat appears in red, and is used to issue reminders to players in case a situation may escalate.

🗯️ MOD Whisper -

- The MOD Whisper chat shares similarity to the normal Whisper channel, except it is used by moderators to privately message a player to issue a more personal warning. These chat messages are shown in lighter red.

💮 Local Chat -

- The local chat box is the primary chat which is displayed in plain white text. In order to see messages in this particular conversation tab, players must be in proximity of one another, as going too far will be out of bounds. This chat is most commonly used for players that roleplay, and uses character names while speaking.

🌱 General Chat -

- General chat, in terms of speaking is much like local chat, except everyone in the same map as you regardless of location can see what you type. This chat is colored with a light green. Instead of character names, this channel uses your username in place.

🔷 Advertisement Chat -

- The Advert or Advertisement chat is a channel where players will be able to submit group ads in text, primarily for roleplay groups looking for members and the like. This channel is shown in the color blue, and is meant for ads only instead of conversation.

💐 Group Chat -

- The Group Chat channel is a chat only accessible when you join or create your own group. This channel allows only you and fellow group members to partake in the conversation, and non-group members can neither read or chat with you in this channel.

🛡️ Guild Chat -

- The Guild Chat is much like the group chat, with the exception of having one Guild per account. This channel is only accessible for members of the same Guilds and outside members cannot chat here, and is shown in a soft purple color.

🌟 Party Chat -

- Part Chat is the second top place for roleplay groups, particularly those wishing to group together and perform a certain activity. This chat is only available once a party is started, and anyone can create or invite members to the party. To invite players, you will need to open their player card in-game via their username in the friends tab, or double click their person or name in the chat. This chat is displayed in a yellow color, and once all players disconnect or leave, the party will disband. Non-party members cannot see or chat with you in a party they are not apart of.

💭 Whisper Chat -

- The Whisper Chat is Unleashed's form of direct messages, meaning that only you and one other player of your choice can relay messages back and forth. This can be done by typing their username in the text field between the chat box and the box for typing messages, or via your friends list where clicking on the desired person's name, or pulling up their player card will give you the option to whisper them