Downloading Other's Presets

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💬 Downloading and Sharing Presets

🗯️ Downloading Other's Presets

- To download another player or a friend's presets, you will need to have access to their FHP (FeralHeart Preset) file. This file can be received either directly from the person, or via a mass folder that contains a wide variety of presets from many different players. Once you have been given the FHP, locate and open the Presets folder in the main Unleashed files, and copy and paste the FHP in this location. Once this is complete, log out of the game (if you are online), and you will log back in to see that the preset is now visible.

🗯️ Giving Others a Preset for their Use -

- In terms of creating presets for other users for commissions, gifts, or other reasons, before entering the Preset Maker screen, you will need to type their username into the field when the game first opens like you had done with your own. When exporting, this will create the FHP in their name, so that they will be able to use this themselves. For others to use your preset work, they will need each body part file you created for them, the material notepad, and the FHP in their name. These can now be compiled into a ZIP and handed to the requestee.

- Downloading a preset from another user follows the information in Saving and Exporting your Preset, where the other user must place the preset's UV files into the correct folder that the number of the files corresponds with. In the case that there is already an existing preset, the different preset parts can be renamed to match the number of a folder that does not already have a preset in it. If there is unique coding on the downloaded preset, each number in the notepad material can be changed to any number folder desired, and the material itself will also need to be renamed to the same number. This notepad can now be pasted into the same location with the other files, and you are good to continue.

- To view the downloaded preset in game, you will have to navigate to the Preset Maker tab inside the Tools button. Here, you can locate the number of the preset you uploaded to, select it, and hit export on the bottom right of your screen. Now, in the character creator, you will be able to use this preset to your heart's content! To let others see it, you will need to follow the above two sections.