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๐Ÿ“ Customizing Characters with Presets

Preset creation in FeralHeart Unleashed allows for the customization of the modelโ€™s colors and markings through the use of colorable UVs. With the use of presets, players are able to insert their own designs onto the gameโ€™s models and truly play as their very own characters.

๐Ÿบ Eligible Programs

- To create a preset, it is highly recommended that you work with a program that allows you to create and organize layers, as creating a design on a singular layer may be difficult. Some examples of programs that allow this are:

  • Paint Tool Sai (versions 1 and 2)
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • FireAlpaca (free)
  • Procreate (mobile)

โœ๏ธ Working with UVs and Preset Refreshing

- This is where the fun starts! In your desired program, you will need to navigate to your FeralHeart Unleashed folder and open the file titled โ€œMy Presetsโ€. This location is where you will have to choose a folder to create your preset in. It is recommended that you save your preset files with layers, as well as a jpg/png so that you can add/remove/edit features in the future and re-export. When re-exporting your preset, other users will not be able to see the changes youโ€™ve made to your design unless the new FHP preset file is given to them. Donโ€™t worry! This only allows them to see you as you see yourself in game and they cannot alter your preset.

- When creating presets, you will be in need of the UVs that correspond with their body parts, which under My Presets can be found in a folder called Classic_Reference and Modern_Reference. Depending on the version of the models you are looking for, you will need to choose accordingly, as creating a preset with the Classic UV may not line up with the Modern model, and vise-versa. For this example we will be using the Modern Canine, with transparent UVS. The main files that you will need are: cmbody_UV_transparent, cmhead_UV_transparent, and as the tails vary in shape, this choice is up to you! If you desire a different set of ears on your preset, you will need to choose from the file list in place of cmhead_UV_transparent.

- To create eyes and teeth for your preset, you will need to navigate to the Classic_Reference folder and choose either the ceyes_UV or the feyes_UV depending on the species you choose. In the classic folder, there are also reference photos to assist you with how the UV lines wrap around the model.

- Once all of your UVs are loaded into your art program, you can now start drawing your design. To make this process much easier, it is recommended that you create a new layer below your UV layer so you can see marking placement clearer and how it will line up on the model. When you are happy with your work, you will need to add a fur texture layer, or create one yourself. It is highly recommended that you save versions of each body part with layers, such as a SAI, CSP, or PSD, or any other file type that allows you to recover layers, so that you can return to the preset in the future to fix or add any details.

- To add a premade fur texture or one of your own, you will need to either open your desired texture in the same program, or draw directly onto a new layer. Regardless, the fur shade layer must be added above all of your design and marking layers, and it must be set to multiply. There will be a fur texture for each body part, and each layer must be the same size as the UV layer, which can simply be transformed or resized if at all needed, or they will not line up on the model correctly.

- Preset Refreshing is a new function added to Unleashed for preset making. The refresh button is located just under the list of available presets to select. Each time an edit is made to your UV and saved as the appropriate file, pressing the button will load those changes immediately onto the model. If you started a preset and opened the game while only one file was saved (ex: you're doing the body first, and haven't added the head or tail), you will need to restart the game to have any other body parts show up or refresh.

๐Ÿ“ Saving and Exporting your presets

Learn how to correctly save your preset files.

๐Ÿบ Saving your Preset

- Properly saving your preset files will ensure that your design displays normally within the game for both you and other players. To do this, see the following steps and replace any # with the desired folder number in which you are creating a preset, and abide by the coding page assistance as well:

  • Locate the preset folder you are looking to save in
  • Save each body part in correspondence to the number of that file
  • All letters must be lowercase in the file name

- By default as mentioned, all files will need to be saved as JPGs, but this can be changed in the coding. If you have changed these codes, replace all JPGs with PNGs.

  • Head - preset_#head.jpg
  • Body - preset_#body.jpg
  • Tail - preset_#tail.jpg
  • Eyes - preset_#eye.jpg

- In regards to adding a mane to your preset, this file will need to be saved as a PNG as to reserve the transparency and shape of the fur, which is automatically the default file type and setting in the coding. Coloring outside of the mane UV will lead to some unnecessary colors on the actual mane itself in the game. To avoid this, you may create a clipping layer above or attached to the mane UV and color inside it so that no design exceeds the UV, and add your shading layer to this clipping layer as well.

โฌ‡๏ธ Exporting your Preset

- Exporting your preset is one of the final steps in getting your design to fully be inside of the game and play as that character. Beforehand, please ensure that your own username is typed into the login screen at the beginning of the game. Once you have fully completed your design and/or tested to ensure that things meet correctly, you may press the export button on the bottom right corner of the preset screen right next to the save. This will export all of your preset files in the folder into an FHP (FeralHeart Preset) file in your username, so that now when you enter the game and edit or create a new character, this preset will be available to place on them. Your preset can now be shared with others!