Coding your Preset

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πŸ“ Coding your Presets

Learn how to make your presets a little extra spicy!

🎨 What are preset codes?

Preset coding is essentially what determines the effects your preset will have. By default, both sides of your preset will be entirely symmetrical by coloring on just one UV, as they are mirrored. By changing two simple letters in your code, you can make for an asymmetrical preset, or if you are feeling up to the challenge, you can alternate the coding to do some pretty neat things!

πŸ““ Coding Left and Right UVs

- The coding of any preset can be altered to allow for asymmetrical designs where markings on the left and right sides are not the same. By default, coloring one UV will fill in on both sides of the model. To differentiate between the left and right sides, we will need to open the preset material file with Notepad and locate the coding for the desired body part we want to change. In this case, we will be changing our ride side to give the character spots. After finding the body code, you can differ the parts by the L(eft) and R(ight) at the ends of each side. To make these sides individual, we will need to change the left β€œtexture preset_1body” to β€œtexture preset_1bodyL”, and the right side to β€œtexture preset_1bodyR".

- We’re 50% there! Now, all we need to do is save two different versions of the UVs as the names in the code, or β€œtexture preset_1bodyL(or R)”, and save. These files will save as JPGs by default, but can be saved as PNGs as well. However, to save your preset files as PNGs, you will need to change every β€œjpg” in the coding to β€œpng”

- To load these changes in the game, we will need to restart the game. This same process of changing the coding for left and right sides can be completed for all of the other UVs, as well as the eyes for a heterochromia effect.

✨ Special Effects Coding

- Unleashed does not limit its players to creating flat color presets, no! With some higher advanced coding, you are able to create presets that glow at night, are animated, transparent, or have other fun effects! To learn how special effects work or how to apply coding to your presets, see here: